Message From Director and Principal

Message From Director

Dear Parent and Applicants

Information technology today is recognized as frontier area of knowledge and also a critical ebanling tool for assimilating, processing and productizing all other spheres of knowledge.

India has achieved tremendous growth in this area and is now being considered as a potential IT superpower in the world. It is also recognzed the world over, the information technology is going to change every focet of human existence and will user in a knowlege based society in the 21th century.

The mission of FIMT is to develop world class computer professionals. The FIMT courses designed as so that the technology which has done india proud can be taken to root level so that every Indian can relate to it and feel a part of it. Though FIMT program we take off you reach the cutting edge of computer technology.

I am sure our students can meet any demand and challenges and quest for a better tomorrow, for themselves and for their mankind.

Mr. Brajesh Chandra Joshi

(Center Director)

Message From Center Head

Dear Student

I welcome your interest in Franklin institute. The imagination and meticulour planning of the willing and selfless faculty and staff of Franklin College coupled with a multitude of academic and social service offered, provide a unique educational environment for our future students.

Franklin Institute offers students from all over the region a dynamic, supportive and creative environment in which they are encouraged by a committed staff, to pursue personal excellence in academic pursuits, resulting in enhanced prospects for career development. This ensures that our students are ready to face any challenge in today’s dynamic environment with great confidence. Regional College is here to build leaders for tomorrow’s industry.

Swami Vivekanand once said, “Here is an ocean. You may choose to come with a spoon, a cup, a mug, a bucket or a barrel. The amount of water you carry will depend upon what you have come with.”Franklin Institute is not an ocean but a small pond. If you come with full faith and an unconditional eagerness to learn, you can take away your true being-a physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually sharp, emotionally balanced and spiritually elevated you.

I welcome you to explore the wealth of opportunities at Regional College.

Miss Sukanya Bharti

(Centre Head)